Medical Graphic Design

Let’s say you have a new company or product directed at the allied health field and you want to do the most productive work of marketing it. Exactly how do you do that? You could go the conventional route, locating an advertising firm or a generic graphics layout company to help you get your message out. Or, you can seek out a firm that concentrates on medical graphic design. This more specialized firm will have both a depth and breadth of required experience that will give you an advantage in crafting your message by developing visuals that draw in appropriate (medical) clients. This is extremely important when you are trying to sell to executives and decision makers at medical institutions.

Here are the type of specialties you should be searching for.

Medical Illustration
A key component of clinical graphic design is medical illustration; the firm’s staff should include an accredited medical illustrator or an illustrator that is a member of the Association of Medical Illustrators. Ask the illustrator to email a copy of their illustration portfolio if it’s not already visible on the Internet.

Medical Animation
To describe adequately what your service or product does, animation may be necessary. This could employ something like Flash on your website or a 3-D Animation. Expertise in bandwidth optimization, and expertise in burning CD’s and DVD’s for marketing and sales purposes is something you should expect from the firm. A quality clinical graphic design studio should have either in-house ability or an ongoing connection with medical animation sources.

Medical Web Design
Today, among one of the most vital advertising tools is your company’s website. This includes both the design and the optimization. The medical visual design studio you seek will have numerous success stories. Case studies featuring their clients should be easily found during your search engine research. As part of your assessment, how much you like the clinical graphic design company’s own website, and evaluate their customers’ websites.

Medical Print Design
To go from Internet to printed publication, the design shop needs to demonstrate experience in converting 3-d explanations into 2-d graphics that can effectively communicate the benefits of your products to your target market. Economic benefits is what we’re talking about here. Does it show what’s in it for your prospective client? Analyze portfolios carefully. The work of an excellent medical visuals firm will highlight the most important advantages. You will know that have the right company if the sales brochure they show you makes you want more information or has you ready to buy.

Medical Graphic Design Photography
Clinical photography is a specialty. You want to know does the studio have a medical digital photographer in-house? If not, do they have a good relationship with one they use commonly? Check the profile. Consider the customers that have utilized their work.

Ask for References, and check prices, but do not base decisions solely on price. Finally, check into the management of the firm. Most medical graphic design firms should have a trained medical professional on staff or in a consulting role. Typically, this would be a practicing physician, a dentist, an advanced practice nurse or a nurse executive.